Thursday, April 4, 2013

Throwback Thursday

Before I begin with throwback Thursday, a disclaimer is in order. I know that most people use a picture for throwback Thursday; however, as I just used one for wordless Wednesday, it seems redundant. So my throwback Thursdays will more than likely be some recollection of mine from when I was growing up or a family story I've heard.

Today's recollection is one that I come to because I'm currently at the doctor, which apparently my grandmother did not believe in frequenting, even if the occasion called for it as she raised her brood of seven children (plus the occasional cousin or two).

As the abbreviated story goes, my mother and her brother were supposed to be napping when they both got up to get some water out of the refrigerator. They used to keep a gallon jug of water in the refrigerator. The jug slipped out of my mother's hands and hit the floor and broke. My grandmother ran in and told my mother "Don't move!" So my mother doesn't move, just puts her foot down on the floor . . . right on top a piece of glass. When it came time to tend to my mother's injury, grandma used what she had handy to staunch the blood flow: her hands, onion skins, and cobwebs.

My mother, of course, couldn't rightly walk and probably needed stitches but that's not how grandma did things. Instead of running off to the doctor or emergency department, she resorted to her tried-and-true home remedies.

My grandmother was not one to let a hurt foot stand in the way of her plans; so that night, the family went to the drive-in, even my mom with her cobweb-encased foot. She had to prop it up the whole time and listen to complaints from her siblings about how she was in the way of their movie experience.

They were some tough kids; I guess you had to be with a grandmother like mine. And yes, my mother's foot healed--miraculously I would say.

Do you recall any home remedies that your family used? Or still uses?

And before I forget, about  yesterday's Wordless Wednesday: Yes, I'm a stickler for the wordless aspect of it. What I posted yesterday were plastic mesh bags that I currently own and remind me of the ones that my grandmother used to carry groceries in. I'm sure she had many other uses for them, but I distinctly remember the green leafy portion of vegetables showing through.

Hasta la proxíma vez!


  1. Jonathan HATES it when I use an egg to rid one of the kids of the "evil eye." Yeah, I know the concept is way out there. my grandma used it. my mom used it. i'm going to use it.

    1. As yes, I, too, have experience with the Evil eye and eggs--mostly because of my grandmother. I'll share a couple of those stories sometime.